Unlike manufacturers and resellers, 4FRONT Security Systems not only recommends, installs, and maintains the most advantageous technologies — hardware and software — but also blends technology with process and people, enabling our clients to achieve their targeted security, operational, and compliance objectives, as well as to invest appropriately.

Visitor Management
Organise, log, and control visits

Affecting visitor management depends on more than having someone sign-in and being issued a temporary badge. Visitors, upon arrival, must be identified and logged and, subsequently, escorted until departure. Blending technology, process, and people, 4FRONT’s clients truly manage their visitors, securing sites and offices and safeguarding staff.

Access Control
Identify persons, prevent unauthorised activity, and secure assets

Most facilities host diverse groups of management and staff whose access requirements — time and location — are often adjusted to reflect shifting circumstances and to support specific needs. Blending technology, process, and people, 4FRONT secures and organises access, creating and sustaining safe and efficient environments.

Safeguard people, assets, facilities, and homes

Barriers define boundaries; provide visible obstacles, deterring and delaying intrusion; channel access and egress; and support security, especially when integrated with sensors and CCTV. 4FRONT guides its clients in achieving security and access control objectives through appropriate selection and effective placement of barriers.

Intrusion Detection
Detect unauthorised entry at specific locations (doors and windows) or within demarcated areas (interior and exterior)

Intrusion detection technologies, sensor or surveillance, determine alarm locations and, when integrated with CCTV, enable rapid assessment of alarm sources and subsequent direction of response personnel to a specific location to prevent loss or disruption to operations. 4FRONT ensures intrusion detection is optimally positioned in relation to critical assets and sensitive areas, as well as integrated with CCTV.

Record events and activity, support investigations, enable remote assessment of alarm and intrusion sources, as well as relaying actionable information to response personnel

Digital video, now accessible in real-time from anywhere, creates situational awareness heretofore unattainable, enabling organisations to monitor, assess, and archive events, as well as to deter, detect, and respond to unauthorised activity. Working with its clients, 4FRONT defines current security and surveillance requirements and anticipates evolving ones before designing and installing a system.

Retail loss prevention
Leading edege technology in retail point of sale video analytics

Applying proprietary technology, Everseen diminishes shrinkage at the Point of Sale.
Everseen detects and identifies each Point of Sale irregularity by integrating surveillance video footage, captured by optimally placed cameras, with Point of Sale data streams.

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